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How Did We Get Here?

Let's go back to circa 1993.  In an old abandoned home cooking "joint", my family started our first Beto's Mexican Restaurant and Catering in Grand Prairie, Texas. If you're wondering where the name Beto's came from, well, it's a nickname for my Dad, Humberto, and me, Albert.

Ok, back to the story.  So it was always my Dad's dream to open his own Mexican restaurant.  He'd worked in the industry for over thirty years. One day in the summer of 1993, Mom and Dad come home and say, "We've got a Mexican restaurant!" 

What?  Wait. We?  Well good for --> him, I was on my way to North Texas University after finishing up my basics at the local community college.  I was going to join my brother in pursuit of my degree in "partying". 

So my parents take me up to OUR Mexican restaurant...and guess what?  IT WAS A DUMP!  No, not one of those cool Anthony Bourdain's "hole in the wall" joints, nope, a certified DUMP!  Yea, we tried to fix it up but it was like putting lipstick on a pig.   Picture pink booths and baby blue mini-blinds.  We didn't have enough money to re-decorate and the previous tenant was named "Big Momma's Country Kitchen".  Oh the horror!  

Mom kept her day job, Rick (my brother) was still attending UNT finishing his degree in "partying" and I'm working away 100 hours a week wondering what I've done with my life.  I was having a midlife crisis at nineteen.  You guessed it, I didn't go off to college.

But Dad.  He never showed doubt, he never showed fatigue, and he just kept "plugging" away.  He is the hardest working man I know.  He knew what I couldn't at the age of nineteen.  If we just kept serving the family recipes, we'd succeed.

Fast forward a few years, my brother comes aboard and things start to take off.  The word gets out and our little "lipsticked pig" starts to look more and more like you might want to kiss her. 

In 2002 we built our flagship restaurant you see below.  All because my Dad never had a doubt.  My Dad, myself, and my brother all still work at this location. 

So if you're visiting our little town of Grand Prairie and happened to google "restaurants near me", come out and join us today.  You'll be glad you did.

Thank you,

Albert Sanchez
President / CEO

Beto's Mexican Restaurant and Catering 

Beto's Mexican Restaurant original location
Beto's original location
Beto's Mexican Restaurant current location


these dine-in daily specials may vary from online specials


Mexican Monday

$2.00 House FROZEN Margaritas

$2.00 Mexican Bottle Beer

$4.00 Sangria Swirls


Never Ending Enchiladas


*Cheese, chicken, ground beef only.  No take out, no sharing.


Enchilada Dinner


*Traditional enchiladas only.  Dine-in only. Other restrictions may apply. See restaurant for details.


Kids Eat Free*

*restrictions apply. See restaurant for details.

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Beto's Mexican Restaurant
Beto's Mexican Restaurant
Beto's Mexican Restaurant
Our Staff
Beto's Mexican Restaurant
Beto Dinner
Beto's Original Location
Mama Beto
Tacos Asada
Tacos al Carbon
Taco Salad
Beto's beef fajitas
Beto Blue Margarita
Guacamole En Vivo
Cinco de Mayo Party
Fresh Sopapillas
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2530 W. Interstate 20

Grand Prairie TX 75052

For group reservations:

972-660-1289 x 2




MON - 11:30A - 8:00P


WED - 11:30A - 8:00P

THUR - 11:30A - 8:00P

FRI. - 11:30A - 9:00P

SAT - 11:30A - 9:00P

SUN - 11:30A - 8:00P


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